Action game fighting

Smart TV Box Fighting Game Fight for your life! Eliminate your merciless and powerful adversaries! This distinctive TV Box and Mobile 3d fighting game is a must-have if you enjoy 3D fighting action role-playing games. Explore the extreme combat universe of Smart TV Box Fighting Game and engage in none-stop thrilling fights. ✨ Features of 3D Fighting Games: ☑ Beat em up karate fighting ♛ Your task will be to clear the location from magical monsters. ✨ ☑ Sword fighting games offline ♛ Several unique fighting abilities possessed by both adversaries and heroes. ✨ ☑ Combo fighting ♛ DEVELOP your monster-destroying skills by collecting points and to upgrade your combos. ✨ ☑ No gamepad is required ♛ Play this fantastic 3D mobile/tv box fighting game using the remote of your smart TV box. ✨ ☑ You'll encounter several massive foes, extremely powerful bosses, and progress obstacles along the way. ☑ Game for tv box ♛ Playable on Mobile devices and Android TV Box. ✨ ☑ Stunning gra